Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Centre for Knowledge,Communication and Technology (PPKT)


Centre for Knowledge, Communication and Technology (PPKT –Malay acronym) was officially formed in late 2002. Encompassing 4 ICT base departments which are the Computer Centre, Information Technology Centre, SISMAP and IT Development Unit of Registry, PPKT serves the University needs on ICT matters and its key function is to plan and implement ICT projects. Its value added service is to consult / advise the University with regard to utilizing, managing and linking Knowledge / Information, Communications and Technology.

As the main ICT service centre, PPKT adopts the university IT Strategic Plan (ISP) since 2007. 4 areas of focus are:
1. Network Infrastructure
2. System Applications and databases integration
3. Disaster Recovery and server consolidation
4. ICT Governance and CRM

PPKT plays an important role in improvements to daily operational processes for administration and acts as a catalyst towards information and knowledge lead research campus.


1. Strategy as everyone’s business

2. Improve Business Processes

3. Improve on Information Availability

4. Improve on Communications between campus communities

5. Improve the Environment through Green IT Initiatives


"To lead and innovate in achieving
excellence as a recognized ICT
provider locally and globally in-line
with the University’s mission."


Providing sustainable, reliable, up-to-date, conducive and friendly ICT services supporting:

• Teaching and Learning
• Research and Development
• Administration and Management

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